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We make autonomous driving practical

Autonomous driving is making rapid progress.

Now it's a matter of taking this know-how from the test track to the road. We, as DeepTech company LFT, are creating the conditions for this. Our system forms the safety framework for so-called "Level 4" autonomous driving. LFT's focus is LiDAR technology as a solution beyond perception.

The driver thus becomes a passenger.

Our Mission

LAKE FUSION Technologies (LFT) makes autonomous driving and flying safe and practical.

Our goal - together with our many partners - is to create safety for drivers, pilots and their passengers. Assisted, partially automated, highly automated, fully automated, autonomous: These terms describe the five levels on the way to an autonomously driving vehicle. We are currently preparing Level 4 for the step from the test track to everyday road use. And we have our sights set on the Level 5 vision.

Autonomous driving will enable the mobility of tomorrow. The legal framework is in place. Car manufacturers around the world are upgrading, and customers are increasingly taking this for granted as a service.

Autonomous driving is sustainable. Optimized route guidance, intelligent parking management and a reduction in emissions through regulated traffic (keyword: smart city) underline this claim.
We are convinced that the future already belongs to autonomous driving. We will take you with us on this joint journey.

Christian Meyer,
CEO, LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH

Corporate Story:

LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH was founded in 2018 in Markdorf (Baden-Württemberg) by former employees of the aviation group Airbus. The three-person management team initially used their expertise, networks and experience to transfer safety standards from aviation to automated driving. Now we've come full circle: from the skies back to the ground and now broadly positioned thanks to our Airborne Division.

The success has substance: This is proven by around two dozen well-known OEMs and suppliers who already rely on our technology. The company has expanded its foreign presence by establishing the U.S. subsidiary LAKE FUSION Technologies LLC in 12.2022. In addition, LFT is an integral part of various top German and international research projects.

LFT is the only German supplier of this technology. It combines the advantages of many years of experience, the agility of a still young company with continuous growth in the B2B sector.


LAKE: Our company, founded at Lake Constance, is an integral part of the High-Tech Cluster Lake Constance in the four-country corner (D-A-CH-FL).

FUSION: Safety-critical, rule-based fusion algorithms monitor performance of LiDAR, camera and radar and thus ensures their approval for road traffic.

TECHNOLOGIES: We offer safety-critical product solutions for a wide range of applications and support our customers through consulting and development projects.

The integrated management system for quality and information security at LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH is ISO 9001 certified and has received the TISAX® test label.

TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association.


The core product of LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH: Our comprehensive Safety-Kit. It enables reliable safety in automated driving through environment perception by means of rule-based algorithms and a data fusion of different sensor systems. Our portfolio ranges from individualized system design to software development and final validation.

New at the start is our Airborne Division. Based on decades of experience in flight technology, we also make helicopter flight safe.  Our technology enables takeoffs and landings in difficult terrain or under critical weather conditions. In addition, easily overlooked obstacles such as power lines are made visible for the first time.


LFT is a pioneer in the development of safety-critical software products in the field of LiDAR perception and data fusion for autonomous driving. Our rule-based fusion methods combine properties and objects from LiDAR data processing (LiDAR Perception) with data from independent processing chains of different, preferably different sensor technologies (e.g. AI camera-based performance path).


The reference system records time-synchronized, georeferenced raw data from camera, LiDAR, radar sensors, as well as INS. The modular design of the recorder allows the recording of sensor data of different types (e.g. LiDAR, camera, RADAR...) with most accurate time synchronization.

Several lidar solutions from well-known manufacturers, e.g. Innovusion, Innoviz, Hesai, Luminar, have been tested with LFT's reference system.


The LFT Recorder documents time-synchronized and georeferenced raw data from automotive sensors. The angular calibration and time synchronization of the recorded sensor data has a precision that far exceeds the resolution of the sensor.


  • LiDAR test and validation service
  • Reference system
  • Safety and risk assessment procedures (ISO26262 and ISO21448)
  • Perception Validation


LFT has a highly qualified, international development team, complemented by a management team with many years of experience in the development and implementation of safety-critical applications from the aviation sector.

Together we formed LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH as an innovative and competent company for the future development of truly safe autonomous driving.