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for Recording
and Visualization

LFT Data Recorder

The LFT Recorder documents time-synchronized and georeferenced raw data from automotive sensors. The angular calibration and time synchronization of the recorded sensor data has a precision far beyond the resolution of the sensor.


LFT Visualization Studio

The LFT Visualization Studio is a scalable visualization platform to playback and process captured 3D data in real-time and synchronously. 

  • Multi-point cloud management

  • Time synchronization of data acquisition from different sources 

  • Hosting of LFT LiDAR perception algorithms distance, height, reflectivity and colouring of labels

  • Colorization of camera images projected onto LiDAR pixels

  • Display of detailed data in tables

  • Hiding of terrain/road pixels 

  • Hiding of pixels with fog/snow/rain artifacts marking of data 

  • 3D labelling of LiDAR data and much more

  • Support of ROS1, ROS2, PCAP

  • Windows and Linux support

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