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LFT is the world's leading provider of a comprehensive reference system for processing geo-referenced raw data from automotive sensors. Our sophisticated tools enable the playback and processing of the captured data and allow the comparison and testing of different sensors in various environmental conditions.

At the heart of our reference system is the LFT data recorder application, which is based on Linux. The reference system records time-synchronized, georeferenced raw data from camera, LiDAR and radar sensors, as well as INS. The modular design of the recorder allows the recording of sensor data of different types (e.g. LiDAR, camera, RADAR...) with most accurate time synchronization.

LFT Referencesystem Performance

Several Lidar solutions from reputable manufacturers e.g., Innovusion, Innoviz, Hesai, Luminar have undergone testing using LFT's reference system.

  • State of the Art Sensor Suite

  • Modular System suitable for all sensor platforms

  • Support of common standard interfaces e.g., CAN, Ethernet, Serial, USB

  • ROS2 compatible DDS interface for real-time visualization of sensor data

  • Triggerable sensors are precisely synchronized with known time masters to ensure accurate acquisition and calibrated among each other

  • Advanced solution to record LiDAR data of 3rd party and to compare its parameters with reference sensors

  • Smart data recording

  • Smart adaptation of different interfaces

  • Inherent motion compensation

  • Data acquisition under adverse weather conditions 

Key Building Blocks

LFT Data Recorder Interfaces

The LFT Data Recorder is controlled by an open HAB Interface via MQTT. This interface permits tagging of objects in the scene or provides the status of the active sensor.  The MQTT interface empowers customize software. The ROS2 compatible DDS interface permits real-time visualization of sensor data.

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